Radiesse Injections

The formation of lines and creases on the face and the thinning of lips are a natural part of living, not just aging. They occur when the underlying tissues begin to break down. They also result from years of smiling, frowning, squinting or smoking. In other words, these marks of maturity are inevitable. But their permanence need not be. Now you can dramatically minimize lines and creases and restore vitality to your face with Radiance.

RADIANCE consists of tiny micro spheres of a synthetic material called calcium hydroxylapatite (30%) that is combined with a common hydrogel (70%) used in a vast array of products. The result is a white, creamy like substance. While calcium hydroxylapatite has similar chemical and structural characteristics as bone and teeth and therefore is naturally compatible with the body, the RADIANCE material is synthetic and man-made similar to a calcium phosphate.

What can be treated?
Typical RADIANCE treatments include: smoothing and contouring smile lines or nasolabial folds, wrinkles at the corner of the mouth, vertical lip lines, acne scars, facial defects or recessions, frown lines, restoring volume in and around the cheeks, providing lip definition and modest enhancement or correcting asymmetrical features.

How long will the RADIANCE treatment last?
Most patients treated with RADIANCE should look for a correction that lasts around two years although some patients’ treatment will last three years or longer.

Will I need a skin test to determine If I will have reaction to the RADIANCE?
No. Due to the safe and compatible materials used inRADIANCE no pre-testing of any kind is required. There have been no reported reactions from use of the RADIANCE product.

Does it hurt?
A mild localized anesthetic is normally used to minimize or usually eliminate the pain associated with this type of treatment. The numbing effects will wear off in 15 minutes to as long as a couple of hours depending on the anesthetic used by your physician. There is no pain reported afterwards.

How is a treatment performed?
RADIANCE is a non-surgical treatment, performed as a simple injection during an office visit to your physician. A numbing, or anesthetic agent, may be applied to the area, after which Radiance will be injected with a very fine needle designed for cosmetic purposes.

As RADIANCE is gently injected, it builds up the tissues of the face, reducing folds and creases and restoring fullness. It does not paralyze or act on the face’s muscles. Enhancement with RADIANCE is relatively painless, and any minor swelling from the injection typically disappears within 24 hours. You can comfortably return to normal activities after your treatment. Best of all, you’ll see results immediately and can expect to enjoy them for up to three or more years.

What should I bear in mind after my treatment with RADIANCE?
You should avoid activities that will strain your facial features for 48 hours following treatment as much as possible. For example, avoid activities such as strenuous laughing, using a straw, singing, shouting, cheering, chewing gum, eating tough food, etc. Otherwise normal activities are fine.

What will I look like after the treatment?
Immediately after the treatment, you can expect slight redness, swelling, tenderness or an itching sensation in the treated area. This is a normal result of the injection. The discomfort is temporary and generally disappears in a few days. After a lip treatment, the lips may become swollen and look somewhat uneven. This can persist for a few days (up to a week). If the discomfort continues, please contact your physician.

How safe is RADIANCE ?
RADIANCE has been safely injected in over 30,000 patients worldwide without a report of reaction to the product. There have been minor complications reported by some patients receiving large volume lip augmentation where some lumpiness or small nodules have occurred within several days of treatment. Complications of this nature have been normally resolved clinically within 30-60 days with patients reporting satisfaction. Smaller volume lip augmentation is recommended.

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